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20070728issuecovus160.jpgQualcuno acquisti una copia dell’Economist di questa settimana al ministro Ferrero.

At the other end of the age spectrum, state pensions systems face difficulties now, when there are four people of working age to each retired person. By 2030, Japan and Italy will have only two per retiree; by 2050, the ratio will be three to two

The best way to ease the transition towards a smaller population would be to encourage people to work for longer, and remove the barriers that prevent them from doing so. State pension ages need raising. Mandatory retirement ages need to go. They’re bad not just for society, which has to pay the pensions of perfectly capable people who have been put out to grass, but also for companies, which would do better to use performance, rather than age, as a criterion for employing people. Rigid salary structures in which pay rises with seniority (as in Japan) should also be replaced with more flexible ones.

E non si azzardi il ministro Ferrero a contestare l’autorevolezza della fonte, ché non si può citare l’Economist solo quando mette in copertina Berlusconi.

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